Capture the Diamond: Episode 7 – The Melancholy of Evanz111 (Blue Team)

The second episode of the raiding phase in our second season of Capture the Diamond! In this episode we manage to find a trick to help us bypass one of the challenges; Rage and Hollow actually make progress; I begin to cry and Alex goes AFK for food – exciting stuff! There are 2 teams. Both teams have 5 episodes to build a castle with unlimited resources in creative mode and hide a diamond somewhere in their castle. They then have 5 episodes in survival mode to get to the other team’s castle and search for their diamond whilst trying to survive against them and their traps. The first team to find the other team’s diamond wins. Obviously this means both castles will be full of puzzles, challenges and traps that the opponents must conquer, as if that isn’t bad enough, PvP will be enabled so that the castle may have people defending it a full-out battle will break out between the castles. Check out Green Team’s seventh episode here: Blue Team: Rage – Hollow – Alex – Sam – Green Team: Akash – Theo – Edwin – Line – Miles – Outro Music: You Artist: Approaching Nirvana Download Link: Game: Minecraft Platform: PC Recorded with: FRAPS Edited with: Roxio Videowave Audio recorded with: Plantronics Gamecom 780



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