★ Dark Souls – Eagle Shield and Clearing Upper Blighttown

See the Full Series ➜ tgn.tv See the full show! ➜ tgn.tv In this episode we search for Maiden Reah, after saving her in the catacombs I checked the wiki’s to see how the story progressed and then I tried finding her but I was too late… After that we went to clear upper Blighttown and get Eagle Shield. Music supplied by Monstercat Media Atlas by Feint Video link: http://www.youtube.com Album download link: itunes.apple.com Use the Shoutbox, Luke! ➜ tgn.tv Click “Like” and “Favorite” if you like this video. Helps us make more! Tell us what you think in the comments below. Director Links rurikhan.com http facebook.rurikhan.com http gplus.rurikhan.com =-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-= What is WAY➚? http How do I get more views on YouTube? tgn.tv ▲ TGN grew from 0-10 million in 5 months and shares how in this handbook! TGN Website ➜ tgn.tv Facebook ➜ http Twitter ➜ tgn.tv Google Group ➜ tgn.tv Google+ ➜ tgn.tv YouTube ➜ tgn.tv TGN servers live on the OneWire Cloud ➜ tgn.tv WAY➚ (We Are YouTube) ➜ tgn.tv




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