Sukher Swargo

Sukher Swargo Tube. Duration : 148.63 Mins.

The Bengali film Sukher Swarga was released In the Year 1993 starring Prasenjit, Satabdi Roy, Rita Kayral, Aparajita Muhanty, Uttam Mohantey & others. The Bengali film is directed by Biresh Chatterjee. Ajoy Das scored the music in the film. This is a story about two lovers Rakhi and Rajib who gets married, but due to some family problem are forced to move to Bhubaneshwar to Biren Roy’s residence. Biren Roy is friend of Rajib’s father. He wants to hand over all his business to Rajib. Bijay, the only son of Biren Roy is an antisocial and live separately with Bira. Due to Bijay’s conspiracy some misunderstanding happens between Rakhi & Rajib & they get separated. Here Bijay murders his father and had to go to jail for the same. Now both Bira & Rakhi were pregnant, but in that circumstance Rajib takes care of Bira’s son Sanjay. Rakhi later gives birth to a girl child whom she named Sujata. Time passed and both Sanjay and Sujata grew young. Later both Sanjay and Sujata got in love. Later Sujata gets job in Rajib’s office unaware about his relations with Sujata. Here Bijay returns from jail and tries to capture all the business & property from Rajib with help of antisocial. Later everything gets solved and all the misunderstanding between Rajib and Rakhi gets cleared. Sanjay get married to Sujata and the story gets end with a happy note. Visit us at For Regular Updates, Click here at

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