Kimbra – “Cameo Lover” [Official Music Video]

Kimbra – “Cameo Lover” [Official Music Video] Video Clips. Duration : 3.98 Mins.

© 2011 WMG Official music video for Kimbra’s single ‘Cameo Lover’ as heard on ‘VOWS’. Kimbra’s debut album VOWS is out now in the US, CA, Australia, and New Zealand. Get VOWS: For more Kimbra: Director Guy Franklin Producer: Elizabeth Sarsfield Cinematographer: Edward Goldner Colourist: Christine J. Dobson Stylist: Sarah Banger Production Designer: Sally Addinsall Post-Production: John Gavin (The Pixel Kitchen) Gauge: 35mm (2-Perf) Thanks to Paris End Studio’s, Melbourne. Mammal Films / 2011 LYRICS: this is nonstop baby you’ve got me going crazy you’re heavier than i knew but i dont want no other youre my cameo love only here for a moment or two you stay inside that bubble with all of your trouble in your black hole you turn from the skies you dance with your demise i’ll be here when you come home we’ve all gotta break down let me come and break down with you cos everydays like talking in ur sleep! love is like a silhoeutte in dreams! open up your heart! open up your heart and let me pull you out of here ive got high hopes baby but all you do is take me down to depths that i never knew you’ve got two arms baby they’re all tangled in ladies of the black skies posing blue let go of your mother and turn to your brother! not a long gone lovers noose sometimes baby the hardest part of breaking is leaving pieces behind you we’ve all gotta get by let me come and hold you high, with you cos everydays like talking in ur sleep! love

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