➜ VLogs – IeuanRL – iPhone!!

➜ VLogs – IeuanRL – iPhone!! Video Clips. Duration : 4.92 Mins.

IeuanRL By: GamerBytes Check Out The Full IeuanRL Show: ➜ goo.gl Click “Like” And “Favourite” If You Like This Video And Don’t Forget To Subscribe To Help Us To Make More! Tell Us What You Think In The Comments Below. VLogging about my desire for an iPhone! =-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-= The Verge Gaming: ➜ verge-gaming.com Facebook ➜ goo.gl Google+: ➜ goo.gl Twitter: ➜ goo.gl =-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-= Donations are extremely helpful as they will allow us to get new games for Lets Plays and Commentaries as well as new recording equipment for better quality videos not to mention software, consoles and computers for editing and playing on. Donate: ➜ goo.gl =-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-= I hope you enjoy this video. Please comment, like, favourite and subscribe. We try to respond to all comments and PMs and will accept video responses so long as they are relevant to the video you are responding to. =-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-= © 2012 GamerBytes – You may re distribute this video providing that you mention our Name, YouTube Channel, Facebook Page, Google+ and Twitter. You may not claim this work as your own. Thanks. The music in this video is made by Noisestorm: ➜ goo.gl

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