Pyar Ke Do Pal

Pyar Ke Do Pal – Bollywood Movie – 1977 Directed By : Rajiv Mehra Starring : Jayapradha, Mithun Chakraborty, Bindu, Simple Kapadia. Synopsis : Geeta’s friend Rajni Thakur is duped by her lover who dumps her in a pregnant state and runs away. Geeta who is also pregnant takes her to a doctor and gets the unborn child aborted. Here as Rajni is unmarried she enters her name in the register as Geeta Chowdhary. When Geeta’s husband, Ashok learns about this, he misunderstands Geeta and blames her for being immoral. He drives her out of the house. Helpless Geeta gives birth to twins, Sunil & Anil without their father’s support. When Ashok learns about the birth of his sons he takes away Anil and leaves Sunil with Geeta. Destiny brings both the children together and they plot and plan to bring their parents together? Will they succeed?



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