Power Hour – Kanye West Parody

Power Hour – Kanye West Parody Tube. Duration : 1.68 Mins.

Click to RT bit.ly BUY THE POSTER bit.ly TRACK DOWNLOAD tindeck.com Kanye West’s vision, as seen through the lens of party dudes. I recommend that you watch this in 720p HD. The original, for those who haven’t seen it yet http://www.youtube.com Track written and performed by Destorm Power ( youtube.com ). He is awesome. Go and subscribe! Special thanks to Lauren Haroutunian, Jimmy Wong, Tyler Gattoni, Kyle Beck, Nathalia Santoro, Emanuelle Perez, Dan Johnson, and Brian Firenzi — The best way to be notified of new videos is to subscribe, or… Follow me on Twitter twitter.com Check out my Facebook facebook.com — Lyrics I’m looking at that third or fourth Hennessy Doin’ something mean to it Keg stand, better than anybody you seen do it Kings on the table, bars goin supply you with more beer so you party the way that I do it no one touch those drinks cuz they ours how you tipsy? it’s only been 2 hours now you sipping while I still devour (gimme one more drink it’s power hour) the top is broke and my cans closed, I rip it open shotgunning these beers from where I put the hole in now! my wizard staff the longest and were play beer pong up until the morning Edward Fortyhands got the weakest going saw some guy just earl, guess he couldn’t hold his punk! can someone console him? he just drank too much he needs a moment no one touch those drinks cuz they ours how you tipsy? it’s only been 2 hours while i’m tipping the bartender’s smilin’ Pour me one more drink it’s power hour

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