Obey – Skate 3 Teamtage – #8

Obey – Skate 3 Teamtage – #8 Tube. Duration : 3.37 Mins.

Thumbs up & Favorite for Obey of Skate!! (Open Description for Info!) Get your official Obey apparel at alturl.com ! Like us on Facebook! facebook.com facebook.com Music: Matrix & Futurebound ft. Luke Bingham – All I Know (Rolling Out Mix) Like them on Facebook! facebook.com Preorder the All I Know EP! itunes.apple.com Label: Metro/Viper Recordings facebook.com / facebook.com Here it is guys, Obey Teamtage #8! We worked hard on this one, so if you enjoy, please don’t forget to leave a like and a favorite! And be sure to check out the editor CasarezDesigns, and the artists behind the music in this episode, Matrix & Futurebound! Thanks guys!!!!! Edited by CasarezDesigns: http://www.youtube.com Follow us on Twitter! twitter.com twitter.com twitter.com Check out ControllerPlus! youtube.com controllerplus.net Use Code: X7OB Check out Gameaface! Gameaface.com Check out our Skateboards! http Check out X7 Gaming! http://www.youtube.com PIN us to your subscriptions so you NEVER miss a video from us: http://www.youtube.com

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