Edwins Generation – Moose Love

So this was for a kia soul contest hosted by smosh, lisanova, and shaycarl. Enjoy! This video features a dream sequence in which I find a majestic moose – I spend a lot of time with her and fall in love! But love can be so harsh sometimes! Music used with permission and provided by Kevin MacLeod. ______________ CHECK OUT SINDAY “THE MOOSE’s” CHANNEL! http://www.youtube.com FACEBOOK: facebook.com SEXY TACO SHIRTS! (I only have 2 designs – If you are good with designs – please email me!) http://www.edwinsgeneration.spreadshirt.com (or if you would like the “classic” design – watch this video http://www.youtube.com WOW I HAVE SO MANY LINKS HERE I MIGHT AS WELL PUT MY TWITTER JUST IN CASE YOU USE IT AND AREN’T FOLLOWING ME! http://www.twitter.com (if you tweet the video, include “@sexyedwin” at the end so I know!!) I THINK THAT’S EVERYTHING!! -OH WAIT! DID ANYONE FIND THE 3 HIDDEN/ACCIDENTAL SUBLIMINAL MESSAGES I PUT IN? 😉 THANK YOU ALL FOR PRESSING THE THUMBS UP BUTTON AND HELPING ME WIN – THANK YOU FOR YOUR COMMENTS! AND UM GEEZ I AM REALLY BAD AT GOODBYES HAHA… ok i love you. *bleem* tags edwinsgeneration kia soul contest entry competition 10000 show us how do you roll is the new way to who’s next youtube star majestic moose love dream sequence challenge Kia Soul Who’s Next Lisa Nova LisaNova foodbattle war red hot chilli pepper pit handsome Smosh Anthony Padilla Ian Hecox ShayCarl Shaytards Shay Carl stand out talent search bloopers communitychannel your mums edwinsgeneration kia soul contest




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