Nenante Nene

Rajkumar is the son of a King.He is very cute and kind hearted about poor people.King doesn’t like his son’s behaviour towards poor people. Rajkumar doesn’t like his father’s cruel behaviour and ran away from his palace. King fell in ill due to affection on his son. King asks his friends to search for him and handover his whole assets to his son after his death. They starts finding him in several ways. After few years at a time three fellows came as Rajkumar and they try to believe king’s friends as the son of king. Two of them are krishna & Krishnam Raju. Each of them knows that they together are fake Rajkumar. Krishnam Raju is the cruel minded and He kidnapped real Rajkumar(chandramohan) and enters as a Rajkumar to grab his assets. Krishna is a brother of Chandramohan’s lover. mainly he is intends to find his bother-in-law. So He enters as a Rajkumar. Rest of the interesting story you can see in the movie.



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