Runescape – Merrick’s Epic Funeral – With A Big Surpirse!

Runescape – Merrick’s Epic Funeral – With A Big Surpirse! Tube. Duration : 9.92 Mins.

On the 5th of september we held a Funeral for Merrick. It was going nice and calmly, then all of a sudden, Merrick pulled a Jesus on us 😀 Thank you to everyone who attended! Team LevelOneVloggers are back, baby. We have lots more Runescape videos to come, more multiplayer games and we’re planning to delve into the world of Minecraft and start our very own Podcast! Stay tuned my friends. Music: Kevin MacLeod The “Get out of there Merrick” Song was created using the “Portal radio song” created by the very talented GeoffNET – http Thank you for watching! Please like the video if you enjoyed it! SUBSCRIBE for new videos every week :D! -Ben

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