Xenoblade Chronicles – Episode 5 – Entering Tephra Cave

Subscribe to the show so that you never miss an episode ^_^: http://www.youtube.com I would definitely suggest leveling up before entering Tephra Cave, as it can be troublesome. Watch more Xenoblade Chronicles Here: http://www.youtube.com Episode 4 – What’s Done Is Done: http://www.youtube.com Episode 3 – The Immortal Sandwich: http://www.youtube.com Episode 2 – TO HELL WITH THIS SPOON: http://www.youtube.com Episode 1 – The Not-So-Incredible Shulk: http://www.youtube.com ♥ We learn more about Arts and Skills ♥ We get distracted and run into lots of walls ♥ We complete Search Quest 1, getting the lost Wedding Ring for the sleezy husband from the last episode. This quest nets us 1200G and 50EXP. ♥ We arrive outside of Tephra Cave, finding out that Fiora is a stalker. ♥ Fiora rejoins our party. ♥ We switch our main party member to Fiora. ♥ We learn about the Party Gauge, which shows the party’s morale. We also learn that we can press B to revive a fallen player. ♥ We learn how chain attacks work. ♥ We pick up “Monster Quest 4 – Part 1” requiring us to defeat one Willow Bunniv. (Rewards: 1000G) ♥ We pick up “Monster Quest 4 – Part 2” requiring us to defeat four Singing Bogs. (Rewards: 1500g) ♥ We pick up “Monster Quest 4 – Part 3” requiring us to kill five Mell Lizards. (Rewards: 1500g) ♥ We enter Tephra Cave and are greeted with beautiful music. ♥ We learn about Monster types. Normal types of monsters will not attack you if they see you, while visual types will attack you if they see you. This can be




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