“AssQuake (Shake it on Me)” **Clean PG-13 Version** – Snow Flake – Song available on iTunes

See The full unedited version here! http://www.youtube.com READ THIS ViDEO iNFO yo’! http://www.TinyURL.com (This Link will launch iTunes & bring you directly to the Snow Flake iTunes store, also available at many other top MP3 Sales Sites) SEARCH FOR THIS VIDEO ON WORLDSTARHIPHOP !!! A Note From Snow Flake “The Rap God” Yo’ wat up B… Back again. Watd you think i done went away aHA! Jeah NEVA Gun Happen! I been tourin’ livin life like the haters dream… I dun think the video shows it all BUT u kno haters still hatin’ … i done showed u the Snow Flake Mansion in the “Masquerade” music video. The whips i dun drive. U saw the NYC town house where we go wit the h&^%& when we made the EP and my ill whip there. A quick tid bit of mah life in the silent movie the production company put up in OH-11′, wit all my friends Randy Couture, Shane Carwin and my boy LOU the original HULK! To git all the FLAKE vids hit up my channel. SUBSCRiBE for more. Spend some loose change and dun cop a copy of this song and my other hits. Treat yo self son. AND hit up these blogs, supportin all my hard workers out there on the grind… you got all their info, i suggest u check it out dawg. See u at a show soon yo’ .. call ya boy if u need ne thing B… just hit me up (701) 850-5908 … Or E-mail ( SnowFlakeRapGod@Gmail.com Peace. . . YERRRR -SNOWFLAKE ======================================= http://www.MattoosProductions.com ======================================= Twitter For Snow Flake & Double White Diamond http www




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