Eat It Don’t Tweet It by American Hipster + Key of Awesome

Watch the Behind the Awesome: Subscribe to our friends American Hipster! Watch Lobster and Cupcake as Hipster Grandmas! Check out our second Channel! ‪ ‪ Please Like, Favorite, and Subscribe! ‪ The Key of Awesome Website! ‪‬‬ KOA Facebook! ‪http Mark’s stuff: ‪ ‪ Todd’s Stuff ‪ ‪ Download the song for FREE in mp3! Subscribe to the Newsletter of Awesome! ‪ TShirts! ‪‬ Follow us on Twitter ‪http ‪ Write us a letter! The Key of Awesome PO Box 23 New York, NY 10113 CREDITS Produced by Seedwell Directed by Peter Furia Written by Peter Furia and Mark Douglas Line Producer Sam Speiser Director of Photography: Tyler McPherron Edited by Steve Flavin Food Stylist: Jill Santopietro Music courtesy of THE KOLOUR KULT LYRICS Life is a dish, best served hot, And a dish is a book with a menacing plot, And a plot is a song, dipped in sauce, That was simmered in a pan with a demi-glaze, I’m just a kid, in a candy shop, Of culinary dreams that can’t be stopped, On a search for the perfect ingredients, To post on my social medias. You are pathetic, we’re not photogenic Hurry it up we’re getting cold, Come down here and taste us, don’t humiliate us, No one gives a damn bout what you post Artisan bread, dipped in artisan cheese, dipped in artisan nuts



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