RFW – Team OOG vs Team 420 – E2 – 2v2 Minecraft (GuudeCam)

RFW – Team OOG vs Team 420 – E2 – 2v2 Minecraft (GuudeCam) Tube. Duration : 19.67 Mins.

Super Hostile: Race for the Wool #1 – Created by Vechs – This map is designed as a 2 vs 2 competition map inspired by ideas by the people participating in this video series as well as the genius of Vechs. This is the beta test of the map so a download of the finished map may be altered slightly by Vechs. Vechs Maps: http://www.minecraftforum.net ~ YouTube ~ Avidya: http://www.youtube.com Coestar: http://www.youtube.com BdoubleO: http://www.youtube.com Guude: http://www.youtube.com ~ Twitter ~ Avidya: twitter.com Coestar: twitter.com BdoubleO: twitter.com Guude: twitter.com ~ Other Info ~ Drawings By: Bendrawslife Intro/Outro Music By: BdoubleO Intro/Outro Videos By: Guude

Tags: Coestar, Coe, Avidya, Avidyazen, bdoubleo, OOG, building, minecraft, mine craft, mindcraft, mind, sandbox, block, boxes, 2d, 3d, video game, lets play, let’s play, notch, mind craft, mine, craft, commentary, multiplayer, survival, survival multiplayer, SMP, guude, guudeboulderfist, mindcrack, creeper, halloween, portals, gameplay, beta, gaming, zombie, skeleton, spider, alpha, season, biomes, spawn, thespawn, wolves, wolf, legendary, vechz, super, hostile, super hostile



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