The Daily Songer – Choosing Baby Names (Song #6)

LIKE Favorite, thumbs up! It helps me a lot! The Daily Songer #6 We’ve been trying choose a name for the upcoming baby. So far it’s been difficult to come up with a name for both a boy and a girl that doesn’t have historical baggage attached to it. We have been looking through two baby books, which totaled more than 60000 names. Looking on websites, etc. Looking for names that aren’t so common, that aren’t too out there and don’t just sound down right weird. It’s a challenge! Vote for me in King of the Web! Vote up to 10 times a day. You can earn additional votes once your vote meter is filled up as well! Thanks for all the support. Yesterday’s The Funny Rats Choosing Baby Names By Dan Tulloh © 2011 Lyrics We’re have trouble choosing our baby’s name Searching through books and websites We could search all day We want our little one to have their own identity At least in our family’s little corner of the world Don’t want the name to be the same as a friend’s baby or the bully back in school what do you want us to do our little baby We want something a little more unique something they can grow up with something with a certain flair don’t want it to be pretentious or be to out there there’s got to be something we can find please tell us what to do little one Don’t want it to be the same as a dictator from history or the neighbors poodle because that just wouldn’t be cool please tell us what do you want us to do our little baby Tell me baby



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