Penn Point – Paul McCartney vs. Bob Dylan? – Penn Point

Penn Point – Paul McCartney vs. Bob Dylan? – Penn Point Video Clips. Duration : 8.12 Mins.

Penn puts Paul and Bob in the ring! Paul McCartney is clean, healthy and plays to perfection. Bob is a character, cowboy hat, pencil stick mustache and full of celebrated wrinkles and chord changes on a dime. Bob reinvents his music in the moment while Paul honors the legacy of his music. Which one do you like? BE SOCIAL! Share this video! Never Miss The Point – Subscribe for Free! More episodes! Twitter Facebook Penn on Twitter Penn Point Homepage ABOUT PENN POINT Penn Point is no ordinary vlog. It’s a virtual conversation about today’s hottest topics. Penn Point brings you a front row seat to Penn Jillette’s unique and passionate point of view in a compact vlog, twice a week!

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