HD Nation – Surround Sound for Under $300! Plasma’s Not Dead, Check Out Samsung’s PN-D8000 – Tekzilla

Full Episode: revision3.com Steve wants a professionally built Home Theater PC, who would we pick to build one for us? @domcorriveau needs a home theater in a box, preferably for under $400. We’ve got one for under $300. Robert reviews Samsung’s best plasma HDTV yet, the 51″ PN-D8000, and our picks from the new Blu-ray releases! ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ 00:19 Amazing 51″ Samsung Plasma Review The 51″ Samsung Plasma D8000 looks like a great HDTV, so how does the color quality stack up? Watch the video for the full breakdown of this gorgeous set. http://www.samsung.com 08:28 Best HTPC Build Want to build your own Home Theater PC but don’t know where to start? Watch the video for some pointers on the best combination of PC parts for optimal results. (Question from Steve in Centerville, Ohio) http://www.pugetsystems.com http://www.avsforum.com 12:06 Cheap 5.1 Surround System Want to get a 5.1 surround sound system, but don’t have a lot of cash? Watch the video for our suggestions on amazing audio that doesn’t break the bank. (Question from @domcorriveau) 14:56 New Blu-ray Releases for September 20th, 2011 New releases for this week include Dezert People 9, Dumbo, Breakfast at Tiffany’s, Bridesmaids, and more! Watch the video for details on our favorites, and check out High-Def Digest and High Def Disc News for the complete list of releases. http://www.dezertpeople.com http://www.blu-ray.com http://www.blu-ray.com http://www.blu-ray.com bluray.highdefdigest.com http://www.highdefdiscnews.com ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Watch the Full Episode




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