COD – Search & Destroy Pro-Nade!

Vindictive Gaming is going to be throwing out some awesome clips that we get here and there. So look forward to some triples, quad feeds, more throwing knifes across map and all that good junk! SikOnDaStix landing a perfect semtex! What a Search & Destroy Pro-Nade! You can look forward to AT LEAST one of these a week! If not MORE! We are not just stopping there! If YOU have a clip that you think is worthy SEND IT IN!!!! Clip the link below and just paste your URL. For Clip Submission Click Here: If you do not have a capture source MESSAGE ME ON XBOX! GamerTag: “o SikOnDaStix o” (All O’s not Zero’s) If you have any questions feel free to message us with any questions! Music by: Thanks Vindictive Gaming ——————– Follow us on Twitter! LIKE our Facebook Page!



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