Possibility – Tiffany Alvord (Official Music Video)

Possibility – Tiffany Alvord (Official Music Video) Tube. Duration : 3.62 Mins.

My album is on iTunes: bit.ly The Physical CD is now on my website 😀 – bit.ly (I’m also personally signing the CD’s) Thanks for the support 🙂 Hey guys! So some of you may have heard this song before from when I first posted it. I’m so excited to finally have an official music video for this song!! If you’ve ever wondered if there was a possibility between you and someone else, this song is for you 😉 Thanks for watching! ~Tiffany I also want to give a big thanks to Ryan for making this music video for me! I love how it turned out & he did such an awesome job! You can see some of his other work here: http://www.youtube.com I also want to thank my friend Jordan for playing the “love interest” in the video. He’s an awesome guy & I had fun having him be apart of it. ——My Links——- Connect with me 😉 Facebook: http://www.facebook.com Twitter: http://www.twitter.com Facebook App: apps.facebook.com

Tags: Tiffany, Official, Music Video, Original Song, Single (music), Singer, Songwriter, New



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