Star Wars the Old Republic – ► Warzone Wednesday | PvP | New Ideas

Star Wars the Old Republic – ► Warzone Wednesday | PvP | New Ideas Tube. Duration : 7.32 Mins.

Please rate the video if you enjoyed! Just updating you on a few things as well as trying out some new render settings. Episode 1 of Warzone wednesday coming Jan 4th Wednesday! GMT FACEBOOK: Click here for my Machinima Videos! Click Here for Star Wars the Old Republic! Click Here for Skyrim! Click here for Warhammer Online PvP! Click here for Warhammer Online: Scenario Sunday! Click Here for Warhammer 40K Dawn of War! Click here for Battlefield 3! Click Here for Minecraft! ——————————————- Music produced by James Lippy: Distributed for free use by Activity Music: ——————————————-

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