Yelawolf – Daddy’s Lambo Music Video Behind The Scenes (Official)

Yelawolf – Daddy’s Lambo Music Video Behind The Scenes (Official) Tube. Duration : 10.70 Mins. Hard Knock TV takes you Behind the Scenes for an Exclusive preview of Yelawolf’s new music video for Daddy’s Lambo, which we are told will premiere next week. Yelawolf talks to Nick Huff Barili about the concept behind the video and the inspiration behind the song. Along with checking out Yela’s thespian skills, there is plenty of eye candy in the form of hot girls (Kristen Bitting) and lambos. Make sure to subscribe to to get our latest videos including part two of our interview with Yelawolf, where he calls out Rob Dyrdek, explains rotisserie Jesus, WG’s and Slumerican.

Tags: Yelawolf, Daddys, lambo, Yela, wolf, wolfpack, behind, the, scenes, music, video, making, of, exclusive, premiere, Outkast, Big, Boi, Andre, 3000, Hip, Hop, performance, in-depth, interview, rap, eminem, shady, Alabama, hardknocktv, hard, knock, tv, Remix, just, want, to, party, gucci, box, chevy, ain’t, no, dj, lemonade, cypher, daddy’s, pop, truck, interviews, hip hop, Slaughterhouse, Love, is, Not, Enough, nick, huff, barili, hot, girls, blonde, Beverly, hills, hillbilly, catfish, bama, paul, wall, drama, beats, rob, dyrdek, fantasy, factory, Kristen, Bitting



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