Episode 48

Episode 48 Video Clips. Duration : 26.62 Mins.

Amber and Dhara come back home and are upset about being cheated once again. Meanwhile, Akshat has planned a surprise for them with the kids. Watch more to find out what is the surprise that Akshat has planned for them. Amber, Dhara are conjoined twins yet are as different as chalk and cheese. Amber Dhara is a bitter sweet tale of survival, ambitions, music, and understanding and most importantly: unconditional love. Abandoned by their father, since the two sisters are joint at the hips, Amber [Sky] and Dhara [Earth] are raised by their mother and grandfather in the idyllic hilly town of Panchgini. From birth, life for these girls has always been a challenge since people stare at them and jeer at their deformity. However, their mother is determined to make them independent and successful. Amber Dhara is a story of the courageous journey where the twins survive various challenges and meet people- good, bad and ugly The show emphasizes on the human values, compassion and a persistent struggle against all odds.

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