Rakter Swad

Rakter Swad Tube. Duration : 146.92 Mins.

Rakter Swad was released on 1993 Bengali movie starring Prasenjit, Debasree Roy, Shakuntala Barua & Others. The Bengali film is directed by Dhurba Dutta, Bappi Lahiri scored the music in this Film. The story is as Arunava, Deputy Superintendent of police lived with his wife and sister. His sister Roni a well-educated, good-looking girl joined college for further education. Suddenly witchcraft found in that area. Local nursing home, which was operated by Dr. Niyogi and his wife Runu also got involved in that incident. In such a situation, Roni became the victim and identified as witch. Arunava and his wife could not find any clue to rescue their sister. Day by day things became worse. One day a journalist Rajkumar Chatterjee came to the place to cover the story. Originally, he was CBI officer Rajendra Verma. Rajendra and Arunava jointly investigated the case and caught the culprit. Dr. Niyogi initiated the rumor to fulfill his illegal business. In this way, they solved the case and stopped the false rumor of witchcraft. Visit us at http://www.angelvideo.in

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