Drum N Bass Mix by NC-17 (2 HOURS LONG)

Drum N Bass Mix by NC-17 (2 HOURS LONG) Video Clips. Duration : 128.38 Mins.

Drum and Bass Mix ► j.mp ◄ NC-17 – March 2011 Artist Mix – Exclusively for Panda Drum N Bass Mix TV ============== Panda presents Viper Recording’s own NC-17. This Canadian Drum & Bass duo originating from Toronto started writing music in 2004 and have been steadily rising to prominence in the Drum and Bass scene. The duo consists of Peter who founded the group and Korosiv who joined in 2007. Inspired and taught initially by Corrupt Souls, NC-17 has developed their own hard style of Drum and Bass with a big cinematic influence. This comes as no surprise as Peter is a university educated film maker. Their music has been played by the biggest in the scene including Andy C, Futurebound, Ed Rush, Optical, Randall, Pendulum, Trace, Bad Company, Red One, Shimon and many more. Their tracks have appeared on an impressive collection of label outfits such as Viper, Hardware, Proximity, DSCI4, MAC II and Sudden Def. Their Just Heroes EP is out now, get it here j.mp In this mix, NC-17 mixes 44 of their own tracks in over 2 hours. This length is a first for Panda D&B TV and probably YouTube as well. Now I don’t want to hear any more complaining about there being no longer mixes! Lock in and leave your appreciation for the duo in the comments section! ►TRACKLISTING◄ 01 – NC-17 & Legion – Philidelphia Experinment – Sine Language 02 – NC-17 – Shocker – Big Riddim Recordings 03 – NC-17 – Attitude Era – Renegade Hardware 04 – NC-17 – Generation – Mix N Blend 05 – NC-17 & D-Struct

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