Coe’s Quest – E097 – Passage Expansion

Coe’s Quest – E097 – Passage Expansion Tube. Duration : 14.73 Mins.

How about we hit the surface and get some sun and fresh air? Time to go take care of some loose ends and get organized for things to come. Also, BetterLight is back: Homepage: Twitter LiveStream: Minecraft – r – Music: dB soundworks: (A) in Mono: “Minecraft Everyday” by Viktor Cepeda: “Minecraft – The Song (Acoustic Version)” by Bobby Yarsulik:

Tags: minecraft, reddit, song, music, coe, quest, iron, skeletons, caves, mine, shaft, coal, torch, tree, wood, notch, axe, lets, play, let, let’s, update, viktor, cepeda, bobby, yarsulik, everyday, darkness, mob, zombie, skeleton, skellington, happy, trees, bob, ross, in, mono, danny, baranowsky, super, meat, boy, db, soundworks, electronic, rock, vgm, rip, squishy, Coestar



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