Bullet ร็อค — เมษายน 2011 มี Duff McKagan โหลด, Rory Gallagher, เบน Waters, Slash, Dave Matthews Band เนื้อเพลง

Bullet ร็อค — เมษายน 2011 มี Duff McKagan โหลด, Rory Gallagher, เบน Waters, Slash, Dave Matthews Band เนื้อเพลง Tube. Duration : 16.70 Mins.

The latest rock news from Eagle Rock Entertainment and Planet Rock – Where Rock Lives. http://www.planetrock.com This month’s edition is presented by Darren Reddick From Planet Rock, and we will be talking about The latest album from Duff McKagan’s Loaded called The Taking; together with a trailer for the feature film to go with it, and a full live performance from the half-time show of Seattle Seahawks – http://www.youtube.com A great interview with Slash talking about Rory Gallagher, and a full live track from our new Rory Gallagher DVD & Blu-Ray – Irish Tour. Tattoo’d Woman – http://www.youtube.com A really interesting project from Ben Waters called Boogie 4 Stu – a tribute to the founder of the Rolling Stones, Ian Stewart – with a stunning set of guest appearances from superstars such as Mick Jagger, Keith Richards, Charlie Watts, Bill Wyman, Ronnie Wood, PJ Harvey, and Jools Holland amongst others. To watch full teaser video, follow this link: http://www.youtube.com Some chat about Dave Matthews Band, and tour news from Paul Rodgers. We also have a little preview of our incredible Primal Scream release, due out next month.

Tags: rock bullet, planet rock, eagle rock, darren reddick, slash, duff mckagan, duff mckagan’s loaded, loaded, rory gallagher, primal scream, ben waters, boogie 4 stu, ian stewart, mick jagger, keith richards, charlie watts, bill wyman, ronnie wood, pj harvey, jools holland, boogie woogie, music, rock, rock music, music news, live, concert, dvd, blu-ray, guns n roses, band, piano, high definition, eaglerocktv



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