Dopidi is dubbed version of tamil movie Kuruvi, In this movie Vijay is a happy go-lucky young man, who is running his father’s old industry and a part time car racer. He lives near Cooum in an old house attached to his old factory and with his father’s three old wives including his mother and sisters! His father Manivannan a quarry worker in Cuddappa has captivated under baddies like Suman, Ashish Vidyarti & Co. one of his father’s creditors tries to vacate Vijay and his family. To settle his amount, Vijay flies to Malaysia with a dishonoured cheque given by his father’s debtor, and traced out him, who is none other than Suman. After a fierce fight with him, Vijay takes away a rare diamond of Suman and also steals his sister’s (Trisha) heart and returns to Chennai and rest of the story is all about how all ends well. Vijay having to free his father and his colleagues who have been trapped as slaves under villains Ashish Vidyarthi and Suman forms the crux of Kuruvi. The director has attempted to ride on the twin horses of action and comedy, moving the film at a very rapid pace, while simultaneously depicting Vijay at his humorous best. However, his objective seems to be too elusive and the film sags at various levels. Ashish Vidyarthi and Suman (Sivaji fame) are compatriots in the quarry business who have given out a contract to Vijay’s dad,Manivannan, in Cudappa, Andhra Pradesh. Diamonds that are otherwise only found in Africa are said to be located in this area, but the



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