Sindhuram – Sindhuram Episode 5

Lakshmi, our heroine is a beautiful and charming graduate. Her sick mother Janaki requires someone to look after her constantly. Janaki’s eldest daughter Sharada was aborted naturally twice and her doctor advised her not to have children anymore. Her husband Krishna loves his wife very much and Sarada worships him like a God. Sarada’s younger brother Seenu , works in a bank and his wife Chandra works in a private company. They have a daughter Chinnu . Seenu doesn’t cross his wife’s words while Chandra wants to move out of her Mother-in-Law’s house because Janaki is a sick patient and has to be taken care of. Lakshmi is the next younger sibling to Seenu and after her is Pushpa studying in plus 2 who is crazy about Superstar Mahesh Babu. Pushpa is not bothered about the family. In this state of affairs, Lakshmi is like an unpaid maid and all the family responsibilities come on her shoulders. Lakshmi’s widowed aunt, Pankajam is a music teacher. She advises Lakshmi who also knows music to start teaching music classes. But Lakshmi is unable to do so because of family responsibilities. Krishna is very broadminded and helps Lakshmi’s family a lot. Janaki treats Krishna like her own son. But she does not know the other side of his personality whereby he’s amorously interested in Lakshmi. Seenu has no money to get Lakshmi married. Besides, her sister-in-law Chandra is not in support of the marriage since Lakshmi is a pillar to the family. Another reason is that Lakshmi was widowed



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