Damu is a Bengali Movie, starring Raghuvir Yadav and Rimi Sen. Damu (Raghuvir Yadav) is a simple and kind-hearted orphan raised by Panchanan Mukherjee, a retired station-master. One day, Panchanan decides to visit his grand-daughter, Runku and bring her back to his village to spend some days with her. Damu goes along with him and casually promises Runku an elephant ride on their way back to the village. But, eight-year-old Runku does not find the elephant the next morning and is terribly saddened. An ashamed Damu sets out on a road trip in search of an elephant. On his journey, he comes across different kinds of people. Finally he reaches a circus, but all his attempts to meet the circus manager are thwarted until he exposes a plan to rob the circus. He thus becomes the hero and as a reward the circus manager loans him the elephant for three days. An elated Damu returns to Runku and brings her back to the village. Click http://www.rajshribengali.com to watch the best of Bengali films and songs.




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