Brian Greene: The Search For Hidden Dimensions

Brian Greene explains how extra dimensions may solve several problems in physics, and gives his stance on the possibility of a “multi-verse”. To learn more about String Theory, watch Brian Greene’s “The Elegant Universe” on NOVA: Also see Brian Greene’s book on String Theory “The Elegant Universe”: Or Brian Greene’s book on General Physics “The Fabric of the Cosmos”: If you enjoy content like this, please consider donating to RDFRS here: Download Quicktime (720p HD): See more at: Presented by THE RICHARD DAWKINS FOUNDATION Directed by JOSH TIMONEN Produced by MAUREEN NORTON Animation by PEW36 ANIMATION STUDIOS http Music by YAGMUR KAPLAN Post-Production Sound by SOUND SATISFACTION Supervising Sound Editor / Re-Recording Mixer GARY J. COPPOLA, CAS Sound Editor BEN RAUSCHER Post-Production Assistant GRAHAM IMMEL Stock Footage Courtesy of NASA



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