Sonar Kella

Satyajit Ray’s Sonar Kella – Bengali Movie with English Subtitles. Synopsis: Mukul, 6 years old son of Sudfir Dhar, shows signs of having memories of previous birth. He keeps talking and drawing pictures of a ‘Golden Fortress’. Dr. Hazra examines Mukul and surmises that the place is in western Rajasthan and takes Mukul to Jodhpur for its search. Before leaving, Mukul talks to journalists of seeing precious jewels, who publishes this into a hidden treasure story. Crooks Burman and Bose read the story and after winning Mukul’s trust co continue his journey to find the treasure. Felu, a private detective is hired by Sudhir on learning that his son is in danger. The story moves with Burman and Bose managing to hoodwink Felu and moving closer to the trasure. The climax comes in the Golden Fortress in Jaisalmer, where Felu is able to free Mukul from danger, as well as from his obsession.



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